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Commsor , hiring remote from anywhere. We're hiring Clojure developers to join the team. We're a web application pulling in data from a variety of integrations to automate the work of an emerging industry, community. Our customers were previously spending a whole day manually gathering information themselves. There's a variety of challenges as we ship more features, grow our integration list and also scale out to bigger customers. I've worked really hard to build a good working culture. It's oriented around a work-life balance, feeding into having simple infrastructure so you can sleep easily at night. We work very closely with product and get to have a lot of say over how features shape up (we're loosely following basecamp's shaping process). We're looking to grow by up to 4 engineers, and we're already a team of 5. Ideally you'll have a few hours overlap with the existing team in UK-Austria. East coast US should be fine for example. Feel free to send me an email at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> if you have any questions. I previously tried DMs and they got lost too quickly in the slack history šŸ˜„

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Ivan Fedorov21:02:36

Looking for a 2-6 months remote contract. Will create loads of value for your project especially if you need fast and serious UI. Iā€™m strong with frontend, well versed with backend (test me). CV here: