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@d.ian.b you can customize the files that projectile consider as root files, for example I have this on my config:

(setq projectile-project-root-functions '(projectile-root-top-down))
(setq projectile-project-root-files
	'("project.clj" "package.json" ".git" ".bzr" ".svn" ".hg" "_darcs" ".projectile" "Makefile"))
So any subdirectory containing a project.clj would be considered as a separate project. Reminds me I need to add deps.edn to the list. I don't remember why I changed the default value of projectile-project-root-functions though. Might be needed, might not :man-shrugging:

Ian Fernandez15:02:03

thanks đŸ˜„


Does your cider dynamic font locking work when you connect a cljs repl to a running process? I see that core fns are not highlighted at all .. mm i.e. assoc . I can see it working for custom fns, but not for built in cljs functionsâ€¦đŸ‘€


I guess this is the relevant option, but the checkboxes are properly set so not sure..