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Hey Everyone! We are StatsBomb and we formed in January 2017 as a football (soccer) data and analytics provider and consultancy. We now have over 500 employees, launching into 3 sports in 2021, and we don’t want to stop there! We’re looking for;source=clojurians (£40,000 - £85,000 DoE) in the UK to help us grow the best sports analytics software in the world. What’s it like to work with us • We all love Clojure, and some of us like football too! We don’t expect you to be into the sport before you start. • We believe employee ownership drives success, so we offer stock option packages for all mid-level employees and above. • The wellbeing of our team is of paramount importance and we offer remote and flexible working as well as wellbeing benefits. • We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. • We are family-friendly, and as a start-up, we’re really proud that we have a lot of family-friendly policies already in place. If you’d like to read more or apply for the role then click here: •;source=clojurians If you have any questions then feel to reach out here or DM me and we’ll do our best to help!


Is this remote only in UK or outside too?

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We will consider non-uk applicants too!