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@cfleming you added support for :as-alias in 1.12.0-eap1, but i still see the alias as "Cannot be resolved" (using latest EAP from yesterday). Is that normal? Do i need to do more?


Oh, sorry - I meant to fix that for the latest EAP but forgot, itโ€™ll be in the next one. The alias should work correctly, but will just be reported as unresolved in the require.

Colin P. Hill19:11:29

Anyone else have issues where scrolling in the REPL has absolutely massive input lag? I swipe on my touchpad a few times and I have to wait about fifteen seconds for it to stop. Can't quite tell whether this is a Cursive issue, an IntelliJ issue, or something else.

R.A. Porter19:11:56

I've seen it with long-lived REPL sessions with a lot of output. If that's your case, and you don't need the older output in the REPL any longer, you can try clearing it (with the trash button) and it should improve performance.

Colin P. Hill19:11:36

Happens even with a fresh REPL

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Line wrapping. Which you can turn off on the REPLs toolbar. Makes a big performance difference for me.

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Colin P. Hill16:11:01

Ah, I do keep line wrapping on. I'll try disabling it. Shame that it would make such a difference โ€“ it's hardly ideal to choose between being able to see everything and being able to scroll through it.

Colin P. Hill19:11:14

What's the right way to activate the try live template? I select a form and perform the "Surround with live template..." action, and it says no live templates are applicable