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Colin P. Hill13:11:12

Finding lately that putting on a tech talk in the morning helps me wake my brain up. Anyone have a handy list of "must watch" videos for Clojurians?


I do the same with chess puzzle storm. I'm not awake till I can hit 30


I know the feeling, likely will watch some strange loop next days,

Drew Verlee20:11:30

Can chrome give me some feedback of what logic was triggered when i click something on browser page? I see a "event listeners" tab under "elements" which seems close in nature to what i would want. E.g "mouse" > mouse down ... But i would want to see the event log of fired events and which event listeners were triggered. Sort of like re-frame-10x


Short answer: no. Long~ish answer: there's only one event handler for a specific event, ever. So if you have onMouseDown, it's a single handler. Some libraries like jQuery create a queue of events, but that's completely on the library side - for the browser, there's only one event. What happens is that sometimes an event "bubbles" - like, you click a div. There's no handler, so the browser asks for the div's parent to handle. There's no handler either, so it keeps bubbling until it finds the handler.


So, in the first case: you'll only have a single event handler, so that's what Chrome will show you. On the second case: you'll have to monitor every parent to see if it have the handler, so it's not that helpful most of the time


Might not be exactly what you’re looking for but there is this Also playwright has a bunch of other logging and tracing tools which might interest you.