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hmm I am the first person today here in EU and in NL and UK. Maybe I missed a memo or something :thinking_face:


or I am just bloody early... and that doesn't happen often

David Vujic07:11:38

This morning I got into character 👴 Scrubbed the balcony clean after a nightly 🥚 attack. “Darn kids” in my 🧠 👴 during 🧹 🧽 . But now, and 🤓 💻 !


People shouldn’t mess with other people’s stuff, regardless of their age. But they do. That’s why I’m moving away from people as soon as I can.

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bon jour mes amis

David Pham08:11:15

Good morning 🙂

Fahd El Mazouni08:11:32

What dev dependencies had the biggest impact on improving your workflow ?

Fahd El Mazouni08:11:29

@U2DART3HA you use it to rename your namespaces or to reload them ? what's your main usecase ?


back in the day it was clj-refactor, especially the add-dep-to-project thingy, which I believe now is b0rken (thanks jdk 9+). deps.edn has something similar. It was basically invaluable when starting a new project.

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Geoffrey Gaillard08:11:43

My use case is: - in a long running REPL environment (lasting weeks) - where dependencies do not change - I want to ensure my REPL state matches the source without restarting the JVM. The need to reload almost always arises in two cases: - before running tests - during a meeting while screen sharing: — hey G what's the value of foo line 42 ? — It's :bar — may we see it? — sure (press eval, :bar shows up) — hey G this is confusing to me, either I misunderstood the spec or you did, let's ensure foo is implemented correctly. — do we know if we touched any of foo or foo's dependencies during this screen sharing session? — I don't remember — so we can't look into foo before we are confident the REPL state is correct. — right — ok it's time to reload everything, retry to eval foo, only then we can dig into the code.

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Fahd El Mazouni10:11:38

Thanks Geoffrey ! that is indeed very useful !

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)11:11:06

No big impact yet but I play with clj-async-profiler and/or criterium and with Reveal.

Fahd El Mazouni12:11:28

nice @U0522TWDA! do you know if there is a profiler that can generate some sort of report for all namespaces automatically ? without having to manually instrument every call ? the question isn't very well phrased for sure I can try rephrasing

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)13:11:06 can profile "everything", just run prof/start at one point and prof/stop at another.

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Geoffrey Gaillard08:11:56

(def ^{:type :monday} morning)

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Why’s he not drinking it

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Just another mandag morgen


Going against the grain of Bob Geldof, Monday’s aren’t too bad for me.


tell me why?

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)11:11:35

Because that is the day when you can send kids out of the house and sit down to do some coding (while indulging yourself with 🍵 and secret 🍪 ) 🙂


Because at Monday lunch time the next Monday morning is furthest away.


Morning! For the experimental minded, we have a babashka + native running + tools.deps.alpha version here.

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I was in Berlin last week and I missed the chance meeting some of the nice people from this channel. (Assumed somebody of your would live in Berlin). It should happen again thought, so I'm looking forward to that 😉


Last weekend I met with @rahul080327 and another friend of his, he came over from Berlin to Amersfoort and is now on his way to a new job in London. He and his friend cooked for us in our home an Indian (vegan) specialty.

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good mornign


ogod morning


ningmor godo

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tsi fnu ot mipsell eveyrthing


just tyops