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Hey everybody! After the successful launch of the new, I am looking for an engineer to join our small Apps engineering team in the United States. We want somebody that has been in the trenches working with medium/big systems, loves functional programming (even if is afraid to say that loudly) and has a solid API background. You’ll be working with a variety of partners and their APIs to supercharge SentinelOne’s threat analysis and detonation. Sometimes we’ll be dealing with nice OpenAPI files, semantic status codes and structured error responses; sometimes the documentation is an email, not even the API creators know what their APIs are returning, every API call returns 200 (even if an entire server farm has just crashed) and payloads are so nested that you’ll need a GPS to figure out where you are. Are you up for the challenge? If you: • Have experience with functional programming languages (Clojure, Haskell) or strong desire to learn • Have experience with Node and TypeScript or strong desire to learn • Have experience in designing and implementing (real) RESTful APIs • Have used and survived other people’s API …and you’re interested in • Designing and implementing public APIs for external users • Build and maintain user SDKs in different languages Then please email me at vncz at (or send me a DM here) and let’s chat!

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do you guys hire remote devs ?


@U01K1VAANKA Yes, but it’s US only


Gravie is hiring for multiple remote positions, including a Software Engineering Lead or Manager, and Sr. Software Engineer. We would like the lead to be in the United States, but are open to developers from around the world for the individual contributor role. We are an 8 year old start-up in Minneapolis improving the way employers offer health benefits and provide employees coverage they can actually use. We just launched significant improvements to our health insurance product and found successfully ways to scale our sales process, so we’re at the cusp of an inflection point, and want to expand our software engineering capacity so that we can deliver even more improvements for our customers.  We are all still remote right now, and plan to be that way until at least the fall, at which point some people may return to the Minneapolis office some time, but as many others have discovered, remote work has mostly worked out for us. We plan on continuing the best of our remote work practices and continually improve them so that everyone feels connected, regardless of where they are. We’ve also added many people over the last year around the world.  We started off on Groovy/Grails when we were founded, but introduced Clojure and ClojureScript over the last 3-4 years and have incrementally converted existing code (we are about 50-60% Clojure/ClojureScript at this point). Check us out and apply if you are interested, or PM me if you have any questions you want to ask before that.

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A repost, if that’s ok: Nosco is hiring a Clojure web developer. Remote, Europe. Work in a small team, very close to customers, relaxed environment, interesting domain: see more at

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Reposts are generally fine once the original has “aged out” with free Slack’s 10,000 message limit. Just FYI for anyone reading. That’s typically about a week but can be longer sometimes. Definitely once a month is fine to repost.


Thanks for the note! I can still see my first message but it’s close to disappearing. I will keep in mind for the future.