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Hi, anyone know how to verify all elements of a sequence/list is a string in Emacs lisp? I need it here:


Ignore. Issue already fixed upstream.


I never understood why people would fix the issue without at least a comment in the issue thanking you 😕


Maybe it was known to him already? I don't know and I don't mind, 🙂

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If I had to guess - because they are very busy. 😉

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I have a not Clojure related question, but it's been bugging me for a while now: I use use-package to manage everything, one of core pieces of my setup is of course Projectile. What's bugging me is that Projectile's keyboard map is not working until I manually invoke one of its functions via M-x (like projectile-find-file) - once that happens, then I can use C-c p f to do the same. Is there any solution to this? (My Google-fu failed me so far)


Here's how the author of Projectile does it He's not an expert in use-package, though, so there might be a better approach. 🙂


Thanks @U051BLM8F - great to hear from the author ;-)


i think use-package is lazy loading things. if you want that loaded on startup you can add :demand t i think?

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Didn't work unfortunately, for now I just call project-version in my init.el ¯\(ツ)

Phil Shapiro17:04:35

I’m not familiar with use-package. I use require, and I haven’t had this problem using it.


Having everything lazy loaded until you need it is actually nice as you don't pay the startup price if you don't need the functionallity. For use-package and projectile I use :bind-keymap in my config (


I never had an issue with require myself, as I don't start Emacs often and I don't care if I load everything eagerly. That being said - I like that use-package forces you to structure your config. It's not like you can't do it without it, but you don't have such a strong incentive to do so. 🙂