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clojure-lsp Released • Fix renaming keywords in cljc files producing duplicate edits. @rvlo • After project startup, publish all project only diagnostics to client. This is a approach done by other LSPs to make work features like Feature flag via lint-project-files-after-startup? with default true. • Add experimental support for aarch64 linux native binary (the CI pipeline did't work yet, need to investigate @brandon.ringe ) • Fix formatting issues with a regression introduced on a previous release. - Fixes and c/c @nicdaoraf Any issues with wrong LSP formatting/indentation, this release should fix it

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I noticed what looks like a bug here:, where concat is used instead of e.g. f-join. This results in a missing path separator for the second item in the list (where lsp-workspace-root returns a path without a trailing slash), and the result is a path something like "/Users/jcsims/code/kondo-test.clj-kondo/config.edn" instead of "/Users/jcsims/code/kondo-test/.clj-kondo/config.edn"


yes, you are right 🙂


feel free to open an PR on lsp-mode!

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I think f-join is the right thing there - ok if I open a PR to that affect?