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Hello Slackers!!!!!!!!!!!!


Looking for Clojure Contractors and Full time - Remote.


interested DM Me!!!!


@karthika.usg You'll probably get more responses by posting more details about the roles so folks can tell whether they might be interested or not.


Otherwise you just look like a spammer.


And! All! Those! Exclamation! Points! make you look unprofessional and a bit of a spammer too. And we're Clojurians, not Slackers here.


Software Engineer (Clojure) Atlanta, GA - Remote option is available Contract/Fulltime Permanent Position Job Summary: Designs, modifies, develops, implements and supports applications. Must ensure all work is fully covered by tests. Must be familiar with a variety of industry concepts, practices and procedures. Must employ the right technology for the best solution approach. Must be able to perform a variety of complicated tasks. Must be a team player and willing to work in a pairing environment. Essential Functions: • Provide architecturally sound software applications. • Provide meaningful testing implementations. • Provide production support. • Participate in planning meetings and software releases. • Share knowledge and stay atop industry trends. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: • A solid foundation in computer science, with strong competencies in data structure, algorithms, and software design • Clojure Experience • HTML::Mason or Template Toolkit experience • JavaScript/Ajax frameworks • Ruby/Sinatra • Experience with open source software • Experience in one or more of the following: C/C++/Objective-C, Java, Ruby, Python (strong OO skills preferred) Qualifications, Training, and Experience: • BS/MS in Computer Science or related field/degree, and/or equivalent work experience • Extensive programming experience in Perl/Mod Perl • 3+ years of large scale systems design experience, with extensive knowledge of Unix/Linux • Proficient in SQL and schema design • Proficient in Object Oriented design and development


I think it's the first time that I see a Clojure job posting that requires Strong OO skills preferred, most people end up in Clojure land also because they are sick and tired of OO


and Perl/Mod Perl? 😮


not to mention that Knowledge/Skills/Abilities and Qualifications/Training/Experience are so different that they almost look like they come from two different jobs


@karthika.usg : * Does "remote" mean "remote within US"? * Does "Contract" means you're willing to accept less than 100% capacity ? (let's say just a few hours a day or something like that)


@U06BE1L6T all over USA - we couldn't accept candidates from outside USA


(I'm one of the owners / admins by the way)


We are open to hire someone on Contract or Fulltime basis


Thank you. And I see from #jobs I'm not the only one to give you this advice 🙂