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@drewverlee Can you give details about how exactly you connected to the Boot REPL via CIDER, what's in your build.boot file (if you have one?), and what commands you're attempting that indicate it can't find functions or namespaces? (what error messages etc)


(continuing a thread from #beginners in case folks are wondering)

Drew Verlee23:02:06

a) at my terminal run boot -d mount:0.1.11 which starts a repl b) start emacs, create file.clj, cider-connct to host:port of above repl c) try to use merge-env! to get more deps, relize i need to be in the user.boot ns. switch to that namespace via (in-ns boot.user) now i can eval (merge-env!) but i’m not sure how it works so i wanted docs. Which i can get from the repl in my terminal via (docs merge-env!) but when i try cider-docs from emacs i get nothing. I figure i have to do something in here:

Drew Verlee23:02:57

maybe i’m not supposed to be launching my repl from the teriminal?

Drew Verlee23:02:57

i mean, there are probably lots of ways to skin this cat. i’m just looking for a way to not have to restart my repl every time a) i need a new dep b) i want a defmulti to change I figure learning these skills will help me tackle bigger issues around application state management and keeping my apps repl-driven

Drew Verlee23:02:31

also when i run in-ns 'boot.user i expected merge-env to be autocompleted in emacs. but its not.