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@ikitommi: Yesterday I happened to check in on the progress regarding openapi3 support in reitit; and was delighted to see there I checked it out yesterday and tried to get it going, and first noticed I needed to fixup the lein-modules script. I was this morning about to add some comments to the PR — along these lines but noticed just minutes ago you’d also been spotting and fixing these exact same issues Anyway the current issue I’m trying to resolve with it is that when running the http-swagger example, it seems that the swagger-ui doesn’t work when you change :url "/openapi.json"


I’m not exactly sure what is causing it; but was wondering if the swagger ui javascript might need bumped as the text at least implies it’s looking for a version string 3.0.n but I think we’re actually setting a version 3.1.0


:thinking_face: hmm ok looks like swagger-ui should support 3.1.0 on 5.0.0-alpha.0:


FYI the above is sorted — error between chair and keyboard!

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