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Drew Verlee03:03:42

is there like a "nice readme mode" that focuses a single buffer, makes text like 100 lines long, wor wraps, goes full screen, etc...

Drew Verlee03:03:19

i could probably put this together, but I feel like there is probably a shortcut I'm failing to google for.

Drew Verlee03:03:10

Looks like "distraction free mode" is what i wanted.



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typical emacs. Ask for something and get 4 different modes

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emacs-spin 4

and if your text is really an epub there is nov.el


To add another to the list...I like

Drew Verlee15:03:27

Thanks for all three suggestions. I'll have to try a couple out.


Let us know which one you end up with. I'm looking for something similar

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Drew Verlee06:03:19

@U06F82LES so far they all seem useful in different situations. In the end i think ill have to make or find something that's more s-expression aware. Like i want it to hide things by s-expression. fading them out as they are farther way. folding them into nothing at a press of a key, etc...


Like hs-mode but different