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suggestion) how about making one united gitbook for and I'm used to the current status of having two separate pages, but I was confused in the beginning.


Hi! For Clojure developers, merging these two may seem like the obvious thing to do, but if you are using other languages than Clojure together with Polylith (remember that Polylith can successfully be used even without tooling support, which was how the started out) you will probably not be interested in reading every little detail about the poly tool for Clojure. That’s why I decided to let the documentation for the tool live on its own (earlier it lived in the but got too big and hard to navigate so I moved it to Gitbook). If you are a Python developer, the documentation lives and is maintained by @U018VMC8T0W, but for Clojure developers it lives and is mainly maintained by me. In the future we may get support for even more languages, and it’s better to let all tooling documentation live separately in my opinion.


Ah ha, got it. Then how about providing a link for clojure poly tool? (together with python poly tool, if there is) with a tools section or something.


We have a link at the top of the high-level documentation: