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Looks like it would be great if protocol functions were listed in the sidebar and have anchors for direct linking.


Should I create feature request ticket?


People think nothing. OK :-)


Well, you are people @U0HJNJWJH! simple_smile


When I have an idea, I raise an issue, but have many interests/distractions. But if enough folks show an interest, I might even start work on it!


I'm sure this feature is essential whatever anyone thinks. Protocol functions are the same as normal vars from NS API POV


Usage of protocols is just implementation detail


Well nothing is essential when it comes to open source, ya? All volunteer work! Only you and I have voiced an interest, so maybe folks are generally not missing this. But I do think it is a good idea.


And don't disagree with your opinion (except the "essential" part!).

😛 2

I hadn't even noticed they were missing until I saw this thread. I'm not sure how I feel about this. If you're going to show protocol functions separate to their protocol, I'd want it to be as well as listed under their protocol (as now), and I think I'd then expect to see implementations of those protocols also listed where the protocols are extended to other types and/or records...


“separate” is not necessary. now protocol functions looks great but just does not have direct links to them.


Thanks for chiming in @U04V70XH6! The I raised lists two options for showing protocol fns in the var index (currently protocol name shows in index and protocol fns only show in detail view). But I think @U0HJNJWJH is mostly interested in supporting links to protocol fns.


But I like that protocols themselves are listed too :-)

Cora (she/her)12:03:04

I like this idea! might be nice to be able to categorize things in the sidebar in general. namespaces, vars, macros, protocols, multimethods, etc

Cora (she/her)12:03:26

takes notes for my UI revamp


I think it is probably wise for me to pause any and all UI related work on cljdoc (no that I wasn't distracted anyway!). simple_smile

Cora (she/her)13:03:43

I make no promises on delivery date! search took me a a very long time to ship


Ya that's totally fine! As always, no pressure!