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You can actually get reitit to play nice with just evaluating your routes again. There is even something in the docs

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And if you’re using pedestal, here’s my workaround:


with component & integrant, the routes can depend on other components, e.g. more routes for dev-mode, generate routes from db. I have a hotkey for integrant reset (& save all files) in Cursive, the reset is subsecond, so quite ok.

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I'd be interested to see how much mileage you could get/lose if you swapped immutant for aleph


@vale Two of those results already include numbers for Aleph


These plaintext/JSON/single query tests don't really test routing, so they are mostly just benchmark of tuned Immutant server (and Jsonista)


the perf is combination of all. plain-text with slow routing lib is many times slower than with a fast routing lib: the response generation is fast, so the routing dominates.


but, current release of immutant is much slower, about 2x in my perf tests, using my own perf-fork in the tests.


I would say both Aleph & Immutant(perf-fork) are really fast, the latter bit faster, but just tens of percents, which shoudn’t matter.