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If your downstream app is a CLJS app then it will consume your library as source in a jar


Just like a clj lib


Your library doesn’t need to build itself (except for tests maybe)

Tom Le02:05:28

Discussion: Which editor are you using for coding Clojure? Somebody told me that should use emacs. But it’s hard to me to learn this editor

Tom Le02:05:54

I tried Vscode but it isn’t effective such as: parenthesis. It doesn’t remove close-parenthesis when remove open-parenthesis automatically


how about cursive?


What do you use right now? for non-clojure

Tom Le03:05:21

@U4R5K5M0A I use Vscode for JS, Golang, python … most of language. But when I force use clojure into Vscode. It waste a lot of time


did you install something like emacs paredit?


I think Calva is the thing you want to check when in vsc

Tom Le03:05:10

Yep. I tried Calva, but it doesn’t effective enough like parenthesis

Tom Le03:05:01

@U4R5K5M0A Are you using emacs or intellij right now?


yes, I use emacs

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Tom Le03:05:51

I hear a lot of guys that they save a lot of time and get to work more effective and productive when use emacs. Is that right?

Jag Gunawardana07:05:09

After over 20 years of vi/vim I started to learn emacs when I picked up Clojure. First week or two was hard, and I considered switching to evil mode (vim emulation in Emacs). After the that it clicked, and I moved to using it for lots of other things (general editing, Latex, Golang, Javascript etc). It helped getting a better config - I found that Bodil’s ohai emacs was a good starting point. The problem is that Emacs is too configurable (if that’s a problem) and the out of the box config is generally not the best (depending on which of the many boxes you pick). It is worth the investment. After a couple of years, I’m as proficient with Emacs as I was with 20 years of vi/vim, I can also do things that I couldn’t do in vim. I find that I spend most of the day ‘in’ Emacs.

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Jag Gunawardana07:05:49

…. as they say - an OS, if only it had a good text editor.


I prefer cursive because it just works and requires 5 minutes to configure, I was the emacs user for a couple of years

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I've been using emacs for decades (1985). So, I'm not the right guy to ask for. I started using CLJ/CLJS in 2011 and I tried to switch editor more times and I always came back to emacs. That said, I recently tested atom with a very good configuration suggested in this post and it seems to be to work nicely. I also gave a shot to Calva for VSCode. There is still something to be improved, but it getting there too. I dont' like heavy IDE (this is why I never tested IntelliJ with Cursive Plugin, but the people using it are happy with their choice.

Tom Le05:06:11

Thanks a lot you guys @U0EH09SLX You are awesome. I though atom is dead cuz It’s really heavy when I use it in the first time. But it’s better to use Vscode to code Clojure


Hi - I'm struggling with some problems using npm-deps, seems like trailing dependencies from js are provided many times, is there a way to exclude them, cause I receive this error Namespace "module$react_is$cjs$react_is_production_min" already declared. with a js library which uses react/redux under hood?


Hello, I'm running into some issues when pulling in an external library (`d3`). The external library sets window.d3 however when I execute my ClojureScript with advanced compilation, it's getting overridden by a minified variable name. I've tried using externs by specifying window.d3 = {}; however that doesn't seem to do the trick. Any advice? Thanks!


@dehli you need to wrap your output - there's a compiler flag for that


thanks so much @dnolen!


@dehli the externs should be var d3 = {}; not on window

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i had tried that as well, but i didn't have luck either. hopefully a combination of this and the output wrapper will fix it!


thanks! i'm using goog.object for the most part so i might not need any externs if i get the output-wrapper working properly


yeah that's true as well


So in Chrome you can now back a WebAssembly.Memory with a SharedArrayBuffer, but that feature hasn't hit nodejs yet 😕


ugh, looks like SAB backed wasm.Memory can't use .grow anyway 😱


I was wondering if that was maybe too good to be true


Jury is out on what the performance of growable SABs will be though