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Marina Bychkova09:05:12

Hi Everyone! There is a vacancy for those who are ready to develop unique high-tech products worldwide. An innovative, internationally operating technology company which manufactures electric vehicles is looking for full stack Clojure/Clojurescript developer for their Service Platform. Company’s offices are situated in London/ UK, LA/USA and in Moscow/Russia For more details please contact me via email: <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>, WhatsApp: <tel:+7(916)450-34-33|+7 (916) 450-34-33> or LinkedIn: Tech: Clojure/Clojurescript, Java8, Elasticsearch, Javascript,Node.js, React, MongoDB, PostgreSQL. Requirements: • At least 1,5 years of experience in Clojure ecosystem development • Datomic, reagent, re-frame experience is an advantage • Intermediate/Upper-Intermediate English level • Fluent /Native Russian level Responsibilities: • Web platform development, Backend & Frontend • Participate in the Platform components design • Use a full range of development practices for writing high quality and easily supported code: unit testing, diagnostics, profiling, telemetry, etc. Job details: • Location: Moscow/Russia • Permanent full-time employment, full-day • Corporate benefits: competive salary, medical insurance, free English lessons @jobs

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Nubank is looking for clojure developers and engineers in Mexico


There is a #clojure-mexico channel but no one shows up there 😞 let me know if you find clojurians in mexico 😄 Would love to meet them