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S1 E4 - State with Russ Olsen

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CIDER’s documentation site got a big update

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This nicely lays out the rationale for switching from RTD to Antora - would be curious what you found missing from cljdoc for it to be considered as an option :)


I assume the custom domain is a big part of it?


Yeah, that was part of it, but the biggest part was that CIDER is not a single projects and it’s code is spread over multiple repos. I use cljdoc for everything Clojure (and I love it), but I obviously can’t deploy there docs for CIDER’s Elisp code. And more importantly - there’s no easy way to create just pull doc modules from all the repos and publish them together under some meta project.


I guess CIDER’s case is something pretty rare, though. Bigger projects generally have to rely on some custom sites.


Nice! I am also happy you are using my home country’s TLD 😛


Just published Atom's package to Socket REPL Chlorine, version 0.1.7. Fixed a huge (and strange bug!) on MacOSX where the package would fail to run and activate on OSX version >= 10.13. Discussions on #chlorine channel 🙂

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