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João Lucas18:11:13

Hello guys. I'm trying to use Draft.js, however sometimes the cursor jumps to the beginning of the line. Has anyone managed to make it work properly? Is there a WYSIWYG component that works "out of the box" with reagent?


@jlucas.nsilva that’s a common issue


this was addressing the same sort of issue when using MUI component for text input


but it can be twisted to other components with the problem from what I’ve seen

João Lucas18:11:25

Thank you, @mikerod. I've being working with Material UI, my problem with Draft.js is that

João Lucas18:11:04

I couldn't find a way to make reagent draw the root component (which is not a 'input' element).


@jlucas.nsilva you may need to do a form-3 style component, but not sure what you have setup


but still, I don’t think I’d know enough of what you have to help without an example I think


I’ve worked with ace editor in reagent before by using a form-3 component. I don’t believe the cursor jumping was an issue, but I think it was uncontrolled at the text level

João Lucas19:11:05

I see. I'll try it. Thank you very much, @mikerod.