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Dustin Getz15:11:47

Nice! Hadn't seen that one

Dustin Getz15:11:54

I am looking for a nice way to visualize Datomic graphs

Dustin Getz15:11:27

I will do my best to support your experiments with this!

Dustin Getz15:11:19

How much of the links explanation made sense to you ?


new, remove, self and iframe are quite clear


rel, affix, detach - not really


I’ll make my own links tutorial and send you to review

Dustin Getz15:11:00

Do you understand dustingetz/vega and vega-child ?


kind of, except reagent woodoo magic, this is the hardest part for me

Dustin Getz15:11:05

Ah interesting

Dustin Getz15:11:05

You are doing extremely well at ClojureScript for someone without Reagent experience


would you mind to setup jointjs and dagrejs loading templates, like for vega-embed, I want to reproduce and


copy-paste is my third name

Dustin Getz15:11:14

sure, i can set that up for you, hopefully later today


yes, smth like that

Dustin Getz21:11:58

I improved it – we will need to work this loading state behavior into core

Dustin Getz21:11:05

Actually i will improve it more

Dustin Getz21:11:50

Ok, done. It is dumb that you have to understand any of this to use a js lib, we will fix it asap

Dustin Getz21:11:47

Joint has a lot of javascript dependencies that i dont like (jquery, lodash, backbone) i think you might be unhappy using it from clojurescript, but it might work

Dustin Getz21:11:49

it might be hard

Dustin Getz21:11:52

Here is the canonical loader hacks demo, until it is resolved