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I have a long plane ride later today (heading to NC for the Conj!), so I'm hoping to do some offline development while I can't connect to my Datomic Cloud instance. How do I approach setting that up? I still want to use the Client API for consistency. Do I run a local transactor+peer then use Client to connect to that?

Dustin Getz20:11:26

I have seen a lib that wraps datomic free into the client api, is that sufficient for your need?

Dustin Getz20:11:40

Or just use OnPrem

Dustin Getz20:11:54

The client APIs might be a little different


@U8LN9KT2N We have been using this lib [1] for offline usage of the Datomic Client API. It may be the lib that @U09K620SG is referencing. [1]


@U09K620SG Yes, that should be fine. Ideally I'd like to be able to use the Client API (since that's what I'm coding against for Ions in prod) locally (offline) against either an in-memory db or a filesystem db.


@U083D6HK9 Thanks, I'll check that out.

Dustin Getz01:11:23

see u in NC! at the datomic workshop?


@U09K620SG I wish. Signed up late and never made it off the wait list.