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Oliver George12:11:49

Can someone help me get a CLJS REPL setup. I'm doing something wrong.

Oliver George21:11:51

Follow up. Error doesn't occur if I use clojure.main

Oliver George12:11:17

Browser opens up but REPL doesn't seem to work. For example

cljs.user=> (js/alert "Hello CLJS!")
Syntax error compiling at (form-init6253890421157033124.clj:1:1).
No such namespace: js


You are probably in clojure repl vs clojurescript


@olivergeorge if you are using shadow, try running this one the REPL: (shadow/nrepl-select :build-name)

Oliver George21:11:28

Thanks. If it gets fiddly I might switch over but hopefully I'm just missing something obvious.

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)19:11:14

Perhaps a dumb question but when I run (.println System/out "hello") in the REPL in Cursive, where can I see the "hello"? Thank you!


I just tried it in my local REPL, and it printed “hello” in the regular REPL output pane.

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)19:11:22

thanks! perhaps the problem is I use a remote REPL.... And yes, it is printed in the temrinal where I started the remote repl. Thank you!