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Michael Thurmond14:08:18

@gadfly361 what version of reagent are you using? Also, would I have to use goog.object.get for advanced compilation?


@thurmondmb I don't recall the version of reagent and away from a computer for a bit. And you can use either aget or goog.object/get in advanced compilation, but the goog way is the right way (aget works by accident)

Michael Thurmond15:08:53

I'm getting react errors when bringing react-sticky into my proj Uncaught Error: Assert failed: Could not find ReactDOM

Michael Thurmond15:08:06

and Uncaught Error: Assert failed: Could not find ReactDOMServer


Ahh id imagine you are using an old version of reagent then

Michael Thurmond15:08:28

then finally Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'call' of undefined at Function.reagent.core.render.cljs$core$IFn$_invoke$arity$2 (core.cljs?rel=1535384746732:72) at reagent$core$render (core.cljs?rel=1535384746732:64) at HTMLDocument.iris_web$editcal$doc_ready_handler


React Dom was split out of the main react I think for reagent 7 (?) And above .. and I'm sure react-sticky depends on a version of react where that is the case

Michael Thurmond15:08:03

thanks, I'll update, I guess I should be using lein ancient to keep up with my deps


I'd try reagent 0.7.0 first (just looking at the versions of react in react-sticky and in reagent) .. but probably work with reagent 8 too :man-shrugging:

Michael Thurmond16:08:04

so how would you create a sticky table header if div cannot be a child of header, yet sticky requires a div?

Michael Thurmond17:08:22

@gadfly361 do you use react sticky with tables and sticky table headers?

Michael Thurmond18:08:31

has anyone for that matter used a react library for stationary table headers for a reagent project? I am racking my brain on getting this work and keep getting stopped at everything I try


If you only need fixed header on one axis, and you can use fixed table layout, it can be implemented mostly on CSS, with just some JS to account for scrollbar:!/example.scrollbar_width