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I often want to evaluate some external code in the context of my project’s REPL… but I’m getting “No linked CIDER sessions” in 0.18, how do I link some random directory to an existing session?


@tatut See the “Sesman” menu.


There’s also a ticket about making the context check less strict in the presence of a single connection. We’re still wondering what’s the best approach there.


thanks, I’ll check it out


It’s safe to say at this point we didn’t consider this use-case when working on the new session management.


fair enough, and it really isn’t something I do daily


but when debugging libraries it is useful to work on them in the context of a real project


I usually jump to their source, and evaluate in the buffer


The problem is this doesn’t work now without some extra effort as well, as connections refuse evaluations that didn’t originate from their project/dir/file context.


This really simplified dealing with multiple connections, but added this unforeseen complication.


I need to figure out how this is handled by fireplace. It might be something like adding buffer local variables.


Traveling right now but I think I found a minor bug: When there's a space before (ns some.ns ,,,) cider doesn't correctly set the namespace when evaluating forms in the same namespace.


@martinklepsch Likely a bug with the regexp that looks for an ns form.


HI all, I’m having some issues with my cljs repl and was hoping someone might help… I mostly do clj and cider works flawlessly.. but on the rare occasion that I need to do some clojurescript the repl seems to quit all the time. I use a figwheel template, jack-in clojurescript, select figwheel as my REPL type, and after the repl evaluates something once, it just stops working…. no error messages, just the second time I try to eval something I get the …`cider eval needs a Clojurescript REPL` message. I’m on cider 17 and all looks fine as per the figwheel docs in my project.clj. Can someone point me in the right direction? thanks!!


More info about your problem is needed before we can help you. Have you seen


will try and then post more info if I can’t get it. thx!