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Any plans to support paredit-raise-sexp?


(If it exists already, it doesn't appear in the command palette)


@snowell I have looked at it. It doesn't seem easy to do, because paredit.js lacks it. I have considered porting a clojure version of paredit to cljc, but never had a time slot big enough to try that path. Possibly it can be done with a combination of the paredit commands that are supported. It seems to be the strategy of paredit.js to not implement commands that can be composed by existing commands.


Are there any guides to setup calva with deps.edn and connect to a repl without lein/boot?


@mikeb, no, unfortunately not. I made a template project a while ago to try it out, but never finished it so lein is still required for connecting to the repl.


Thanks @pez, let me see what I can figure out and will try to share if I do get it working.


That would be awesome. I suspect there is code in Calva that still depends on lein, but that should be easy to fix.