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Hey all, since there has been some discussion on Semantic UI, I decided to release an alpha version of a library I am working on called Soda-Ash


Awesome - I was looking forward to this simple_smile


Ever wonder about reagent vs om usage statistics?

Tom H.08:01:55

@gadfly361: This is great, I was days away from attempting something very similar 😄 I’ll be sure to use this in a couple of projects, I love reagent and Semantic UI.


@escherize: kinda wished it would differentiate between om.prev and (unless it's including only om.prev and I missed that)


I switched from to reagent reframe in my app but it was at an early stage and I figured it was easier to get things done in reagent


but now that my app grows bigger and I understand all the concepts in cljs / frontend app / react I see the value in


@tomisme: Thanks! Let me know if you have any feedback. Hope it goes well simple_smile