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@debug: I’m actually thinking about something like what you suggest above for Cursive. When you’re done experimenting with a bit of code in the REPL, it would be really nice to be able to say “Sync the latest definitions for each from from the REPL back to my project source”.


For extra brownie points, creating unit tests from the explorations while you were working would be cool too.


@sveri @borkdude: Cursive will install Leiningen automatically on first use, so you don’t have to do it. You can do pretty much everything from within the IDE these days, but some things are still more convenient on the command line.


@sveri: I’m also considering creating an SDK from the JRE that’s bundled with the IDE these days, to remove an additional (frequently confusing) step for newbies.


@cfleming That would be sweet! Also, another thing is that I'm seeing lein getting more mention out there, which seems to be as if its the default. I didn't know about boot until I joined this slack. I'm only saying this as I learned from the conversation that boot being the alternative, haven't really checked that yet.


@debug: Leiningen is definitely the default tool right now.


Boot is a (very) promising alternative, but 95%* of people use lein, and you’ll find most doc + examples using it


* totally made up statistic.


So is the project structure that lein generates is the standard for the community? Not that it would matter for a beginner, but just asking.


@debug: well, project structure is entirely up to you, just depends on what paths put in your build.boot / project.clj, but in general yeah, the structure lein generates is pretty common across both build tools - just take a look at opensource Clojure projects on the github and you see they all look similar.


As for the build tool - yes, lein is the default build tool, but if you want to look at Clojurescript then I very much recommend boot - it has IMO a more polished Clojurescript workflow than lein. If you would be interested in checking it out feel free to go through this tutorial, it's a very good introduction to boot -


I've bookmarked that as per your earlier suggestion, thanks @jaen


Ah, right, sorry '


I'll take that as an emphasis actually haha


Does anyone know if it's possible to filter which GitHub push notifications are posted to Slack? I don't remember if I added the integration myself but looks like I can't edit the configuration on Slack's side now.