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I have a clojure library which has some clojurescript in it, but I don’t want to package it inside library’s jar. I moved all my cljs related plugins and deps under a special profile :cljs. but still when I run lein install it complains that cljsbuild didn’t find clojurescript dependency. But cljsbuild should not be present at all. lein pprint does not show it, for testing I have commented out whole cljs-related deps and plugins, also deleted my ~/.lein/profiles.clj, but still lein-cljsbuild is somehow magically present with that message


aha, the message is coming from a subproject I have in checkouts directory, now it makes more sense


these subproject messages should be really somehow better annotated that they are coming from subprojects, this is second time I got confused by it - first time it was this


FYI, had to come up with this hacky solution to solve that plugin problem: