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hello all, if I use :value @(rf/subscribe [:something])direct into input field why it don´t update if I change the value?


@fabrao input fields are a bit tricky with reagent, can you give some more info?


We use re-com to mask over these issues, I'm sure there are other approaches as well


my question is can I use it direct to value? Or do I have to pass it as parameter?


Not sure what the difference is sorry?


@conan: Are you starting from a template?


Not in this case no


Copying from the reframe template


Ok, there's (I think) only a few places where this can go wrong (I've done them all more than once) - You need to call your init function from your html page - `<script>app.core.main();</script> - You need to export your main function - (defn ^:export main []) (you've already got this I think) - You need to include re-frame in your main app file


First thing I would check is do a js alert or println from your main function and see if it's showing up when you start your app - if it is then you can focus on what your re-frame init is supposed to be doing


Is the first point necessary? I don't call it from my HTML page, I just have a relevant :main entry in the compiler configuration.


Ah, nevermind - I have (set! (.-onload js/window) main). I forgot about it.


@conan: It's not a perfect presentation by any means, but if you're still having trouble getting the start up going you may find something useful in my talk from the 2016 conj - - matching code is at It should give you a pretty decent walkthrough of how to get your initialization done with decent reloading (though it's been a while so it may not be as useful as I hoped).


I think my html is missing the call


I’ll check tomorrow but I have a feeling that’s it