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@mikethompson thanks, as always, for the hint to go re-read the docs very closely... I sorted it out. Mea derpa. My issue was that I was referring to the props as passed into the outer component function, where the correct reference is to pull them out using (reagent/props comp) ... see


so the outer component function simply closed over the original value


hence the breaking of updates when the subscription changed.


Hey all, anyone else have issues with reframe and selenium tests typing too fast? Guessing it could be my logic, as i haven't noticed it in more than one place, but one box that updates db on-change seems to miss letters when selenium tries to type in the box. Just thought I'd ask if I'm the only one who's seen such a thing.


R u using dispatch-sync on input's "on-change" ?


I was under the impression that I shouldn't use that. But it would probably help right? Is that idiomatic? I figured I had to improve the rendering time, but yeah, it's pretty fast so even that may not help. Thanks for the input.


Not sure if it's idiomatic, but "controled" input will work just with dispatch-sync. In your desktop/small app, may work without sync, but if you have a cheap samsung phone, it will never work without dispatch sync 😛