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Cursive also has this capability


It has special support for re-frame?


hi all ... semi-involved question involving re-frame subscriptions (thanks in advance): I'm using D3 and devcards, so I'm trying the pattern of holding the re-frame stuff in an outer component and have an inner component that manages the D3 work:


(so there's kind of an inner-inner pseudo component that does D3 enter update exit which may not be entirely relevant here)


so the question: I want to pass the subscription data in from the outermost component, but passing in the un-deref'd subscription smells wrong to me. Is it?


also, clearly I'm not understanding something since commenting out the line linked above makes the machinery stop working: the outer component is seeing the adds/removes to the app db correctly (ie. L104 looks right), but then the inner D3 component's componentDidUpdate stops getting called.


@rgm Here is the original description of that pattern, which may help you to track down the problem:


Haven’t tried Cursive since version 1. Maybe I should try it again.