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@luchini this looks very interesting! Am I correct in assuming that it's more explicit ok no specifying the migrations you are going to perform? And allow for more complex migrations?


If so, count me in! This is exactly what I've been missing from conformity


One thing that I would like is the possibility to run it outside of lein. So that I can run it as a standalone docker container. I suppose that will not be too much of a problem tho?


Hey channel, is there a way to query for the max value of a datom, and use that result further in the query? Like “HAVING” sql syntax and not :find (max ?x). I would to filter rel-many elements to the last in a where clause, like

[:find ?x
 [?parent :parent/children ?child]
 [?child :child/position ?pos]
 [(max ?pos) ?max-pos]
 [... ;; do something else with max-pos,


A way to chain queries maybe?