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Tried quil, and got it a bit working, but it doesn’t seem to play nice with re-frame. Maybe I’m doing things wrong but he is redrawing the whole canvas each time, which I think is not effective. Also I don’t like I need to add the canvas tag to the html. As the canvas is only used for one or two views. But maybe there is some way around it. Basically what I want is a simple way to create a function to add, and update a canvas, which I can subscribe to some element in the state.


What's re-frame 0.9.2? I see there's a tag on GitHub and a JAR on Clojars, but there aren't any release notes


I've added a release note in now: Sorry about the confusion


does this sound crazy? i'd like to create an fx that dispatches a collection of events, but i'd like to mute the signal graph until all events are dispatched.


my use case is that i have a single event to add a view to a query. somewhere else i'd like to add a handful of views. the easiest way would be to map the add-single-view dispatch event over the collection but that's not very efficient and not also not very undo compatible.


what work do you accomplish in the db namespace (ie re-frame template)? I mean, I understand that's where the one-source-of-truth lives, but, do you write much code in there?


@josh.freckleton have a look at todomvc example


db.cljs normally has a schema (at least)


But there's other data related stuff which can go in there, like LocalStore access, etc


We also put the initial state of the database there


nice, so it looks like an initial schema, some specs, utility functions... great thanks!