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For those asking about ways to use devcards with re-frame, we were in the same need and worked out on a solution: adding the ability to mount a card inside of an iframe. Sounds a bit scary, not efficient, etc... but it works great for us! The changes are pushed in my fork of devcards, the diff can be seen in


We didn't open a PR yet because we still want to polish some stuff, finish the conversion of the reagent examples to re-frame, and maybe add a devcard-rf helper or something to make creating re-frame devcards easier. Also, it changes some stuff in devcards (routing especially) so we'd first like to discuss about it with @bhauman here. But if anyone wants to try, it's in clojars as [org.clojars.nberger/devcards "0.2.1-6-iframe-SNAPSHOT"] or you can lein install it locally of course. Any feedback will be appreciated!