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How do you teach Cursive how to properly indent a macro? It is currently doing weird things with the "are" macro from clojure.test.


@puzzler: Hover over it with the mouse and there should be a popup.


So you have to do it for each instance of the macro?


Oh, I see, I just need to force it to reformat the code.


Hey everyone simple_smile


Any tips for remote REPL debugging? I'm trying to access it using SSH tunnels it works on a small project but loading the clj in the repl takes a long time. The debugger works and I saw that the debugger works with break points and all. But it freezes on bigger projects. SSH tunnel too high latency?


solved the problem idea was complaining about not being able to resolve a dependency. worked fine with lein repl so I had just ignored it. But making idea happy fixed the issue I was having with remote debugging