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Hi! I'm new to protojure (and gRPC for that matter). First off I want to thank you for creating and sharing protojure. I'm trying to create a clojure client for a vendor's service. I've managed to get some service method calls working but having trouble with one. It looks to me like some of the fields are missing in the generated cis->Message code for one of the message types. Would someone be wiling to take a look? The proto def for the message is There are 4 fields, but in the generated code I only see field 2.

(defn cis->ReplaceRecordRequest
  "CodedInputStream to ReplaceRecordRequest"
  (->> (tag-map ReplaceRecordRequest-defaults
         (fn [tag index]
             (case index
               2 [:values (>Struct is)]

               [index (serdes.core/cis->undefined tag is)]))
I'm using the latest release (0.8.2) of the plugin. Thank you!


After a closer look I realize the missing fields are in other places too (not just cis->). For example, here's the defrecord which only serializes field 2:

(defrecord ReplaceRecordRequest-record [values]
  (serialize [this os]
    (serdes.core/write-embedded 2 (:values this) os))
  (gettype [this]