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@bhagany just tried that but it still clashes with 0.4.2-SNAPSHOT and boot 2.6.0


@anantpaatra I hit the same problems and updated docs a bit, but didn’t deploy them cause I hit some deployment issue. But I’ll try to check out again. Try checking docs on github - - I think that should work. I followed getting started guide 4 weeks ago


@podviaznikov Thanks! That indeed works, and now that I checked the only difference between it and the current website, the reason why became clearer. The website currently has the require instruction to be [perun "0.4.2-SNAPSHOT" :refer :all] and the version on Github you just sent me has [perun "0.4.2-SNAPSHOT" :as perun] so there is no conflict. Seems obvious now but I'm a noob so it took me this much to realize how to avoid that conflict. Thanks again 🙂


yeah, sorry about that. I can totally see how that was confusing. I went through tutorial myself and hit few issues


So the new boot introduced trace which clashes with perun, you need to avoid :refer :all