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I mean the same thing as @rickmoynihan, that’s why I post the video link. I come up the same conclusion as the video says, application code will be separated by feature naturally after a few iterations. Most of the time, the code shared by feature will be refactor to library eventually. But I think the project layout of a framework should reflect the creator thoughts instead of what the framework user thinking of. The currently template layout encourage newcomer split the project by layer, I just want to confirm that is/is not intentional. If not, the layout should be changed to reflect the preference.


sorry for my bad english which cause this confusion.


@albert.lai: Yes I agree entirely about the current layout encouraging people to split by layer. We’ve had a number of clojure projects started by people in our team where they’ve split them this way because that’s what the template suggested (and also because that’s what rails does). It has been a continuing source of annoyance for me to either argue with them before hand that the template and docs for the project are not best practice and that they should do it differently… In which case I’ve found beginners struggle to understand and apply what you’re saying because it requires refactoring the layout, which they don’t want to do when battling other things… Or you end up arguing with them about how the internet/project layout is not best practice (and who am I to argue with the internet?!). Or you just end up giving up and refactoring it later when you find time.