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λustin f(n)17:03:58

In pathom2, is there a way to have a ::pc/input that requires a specific nested output? For example, if I have:

::pc/input #{::story/name}
::pc/output [{::story/current [::story/id]}]
::pc/input #{::story/id}
   ::pc/output [::story/versioned-story-data]
From earlier resolvers, I want to do something like...
::pc/input #{{::story/current [::story/versioned-story-data]}}
 ::pc/output [::story-ana/current-reporter]
Is this possible in pathom2, if so what is the syntax?

λustin f(n)17:03:50

Ah. Given how much attention is given to Nested Inputs in Pathom3, this is probably a new feature I can't use in 2


yes, that's correct, this is a feature only supported in Pathom 3