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It's low level. I saw two occurrences on clojure slack. One bank that uses it and @martinklepsch mentioning it.


I see potential because It looks It does not need a build step like webpack and aria or postcss. One of the makers were a postcss committer. You define css trough Js objects, mimicing the css syntax, which is nice and it generates a function. Just when the function is invoked on className=myComponentFunction() that a css class is generated and injected (and cached) so its fast. Besides that it has all sort of facilities for managing design systems and radix-ui is made with this library.

Drew Verlee02:03:24

There are a couple cljs libs for css in js. The only hiccup left unsolved is that once you create a class (with a macro) you have to use string functions to compose them.


I played around with stitches a little bit and for being a JS lib it seems like a good fit for cljs, that said I’d probably look at instead now.