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Tuomas-Matti Soikkeli13:03:03

jump to definitions doesn’t work, where should I start to investigate?


Trying with some previous Calva versions is always a good test.


Is there a preferred/simple way to turn off all syntax highlighting in VS Code for clj[s|c] files?


I don't think so. What you can do is run Calva in development mode and remove it's grammar file.


Oh, yes, @U02N27RK69K’s suggestion. Find a theme that doesn't highlight anything.

Cora (she/her)17:03:46

whoops, I should have threaded that, but yes, use a plain theme

Cora (she/her)17:03:06

the only other way that I know of is to set the file type to plaintext


That will disable a lot of Calva, so not really an option for a Calva user. But the other way is what i suggested. Remove Calva's grammar file,

Cora (she/her)17:03:52

right, it's not a good option but it is an option 😬

Cora (she/her)17:03:18

would removing the grammar file prevent clojure-lsp from coloring the code?


I think you can disable semantic tokens in clojure-lsp settings.


But a plain theme + disable rainbow brackets and stuff is probably the way, I mean, that's pretty easy.

Cora (she/her)17:03:58

you could use one of the plain themes for vscode


I found something I liked, and then tweaked it so only strings and comments are (barely) colored. And comment blocks have some opacity to distinguish them. Perfect. Thanks for suggestions.

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Stefan T20:03:31

I just ran into an issue that’s breaking jack-in for me. Calva seems to hang indefinitely on setupLiveShareListener > liveShare = await vsls.getApi(); , I had to disable my Live Share extension pack to get around this.


There’s a related issue here (linking a comment that mentions a workaround): If you can provide any more info on that issue, that would be great.


I can't reproduce this issue. If you can add some details on your repro to that issue, @UQE9SS4DP, that would be great. And also if you can try bisect which version of Calva introduced the hang.

Stefan T17:03:39

Sorry, I wasn’t able to find anything out. It just started happening today. I rolled back a couple of versions and the issue was still there. Probably not directly a Calva issue, though it was frustrating because there was no feedback, the repl connection sequence doesn’t even show.


Can you update the issue with info on the earliest version you tried?

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And what kind of project you are testing with and things like that.