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Noah Bogart13:07:53

Just picked up these two books, Type-Driven Development with Idris and Haskell In Depth at my local used book store. I’m excited to read (some of) them.

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What are you hoping to learn? Do you like using types today, or are you more in “explore mode”?

Noah Bogart13:07:54

just explore mode! i've dabbled in haskell but never taken the time to learn how it and other similar languages do pure functional programming (compared to Clojure's more fast-and-loose method)

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I’ve had an obsession with Haskell myself! Really glad I spent the time digging. I think there’s great advantages really being able to “lean into” the type system.

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Elliot Stern13:07:27

Particularly with purity and parametricity (i.e. you can’t use something like instanceOf in a generic context to handle different types differently) - if a function has the type forall a b. a -> b -> a , there’s only two possible implentations - either it errors out or it returns the first argument.

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also, is that in the background? Curious if you’re finding it useful. It’s been on my “possibly interesting list”.

Noah Bogart14:07:57

as a way to think about lisps in general, let over lambda is cool as hell. It has some to limited applicability for clojure tho because clojure can't handle nested syntax-quotes. i tried to implement his defmacro!, and it required a fair amount of work because if you pass a (do-stuff x y z)` to a macro, you get the (seq (concat (list (quote do-stuff)) (list (quote x)) (list (quote y)) (list (quote z)))) style output, which is not easy to work with. So either you have to mash everything together into a single big macro (ugly and limited abstractions) or you have to build your own syntax-quote (i couldn't figure out how to do it, lol).

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Noah Bogart14:07:51

chock full of compelling ideas and written in the "smug lisp weanie" style that might turn you away lol. i found it grating but tolerable

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Nice! Smug Lisp Weanie style can be kind of amusing too 😁

Noah Bogart13:07:04

They’ll at least look good on my programming books shelf 🥲