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Jeongsoo Lee19:07:40

I've finally rolled up my sleeves and am on a Clojure job hunt. However, I only have experience in OCaml (2.5 years) and some Scala (3 months) and Haskell (one non-trivial repo). I'm only using Clojure for hobby. Does it make sense for me to look for a Clojure job? Is it better for me to first get on an OCaml/Scala/Haskell job and then jump to a Clojure one?

Jeongsoo Lee19:07:12

My prime concern is that most jobs require at least 3 years of professional experience whereas I'm straight out of masters 😕


I'd say it's perfectly fine. There's a list of companies that at least claims that they hire without any experience at all - just because a person wants to write in Clojure.

Jeongsoo Lee19:07:51

@U2FRKM4TW Thanks, I have seen companies that require no prior Clojure experience somewhere (maybe Brave Clojure?), that would be a nice starting point..

Nick McAvoy19:07:10

As someone who hires for Clojure teams, Clojure experience is a nice-to-have but not at all required. Mere interest in Clojure is seen as a plus.

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Not hiring ATM, but at Ardoq we don't care too much about your prior Clonure knowledge. We believe that if you know how to program, and are interested in learning Clojure, you will. After all, that was how most of us working at Ardoq got started with Clojure :)

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And, we hire for the long term, so it's ok to spend a couple of months getting up to speed with Clojure.

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