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Important update on the official clojure Docker images: Unfortunately the original plan of leaving openjdk:8 and openjdk:11-based images alone isn't going to work. Upstream has recently announced that even the old openjdk:8 and openjdk:11 images are being deprecated and will no longer receive updates (security and otherwise). So that means we need to release new clojure images even for those older JDK versions, and it is strongly recommended that you move to them. Similar to what we previously did for the Java 17+ images, we'll be moving the Java 8 & 11 images to the eclipse-temurin upstream. The biggest change there will be the switch from Debian to Ubuntu inside the images. Some of your images will still just work, but many will break. All need to be tested. You can control the timing of when you make the transition by ensuring you specify the distro in your Docker tags. For example: clojure:openjdk-11-tools-deps-slim-bullseye or clojure:openjdk-8-lein-2.9.8-buster. slim-bullseye has been the default for awhile now, so if you currently aren't specifying a distro, that's the one you want to ensure nothing actually changes in your images while you test the new ones (unless you haven't built the image in many months). Once you make sure you have the "bullseye", "slim-bullseye", "buster", or "slim-buster" distro specifier in your existing tags, start testing your images with "temurin" in place of "openjdk" and "jammy" (latest LTS Ubuntu release) or "focal" (previous LTS Ubuntu release) in place of whatever distro you were specifying before. So the two previous examples would become clojure:temurin-11-tools-deps-jammy and clojure:temurin-8-lein-2.9.8-focal (assuming you need to stay on the older release; move to jammy if possible), respectively. We will be making jammy-based images available for all Java versions as well. Up until now we were only providing focal-based images. This change will take effect in the next few days. Let me know if you have any questions about this, and I apologize for the inconvenience.

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Note: eclipse-temurin does provide alpine-based images for Java 8 & 11, so that will be an option too once this rolls out.