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Yehonathan Sharvit04:07:23

The print version of “Data-Oriented Programming” is out! he book is available at Discount code: sharvit39

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Congratulations @U0L91U7A8!

Jason M Jones12:07:42

Congratulations, a really great book that has opened my mind to lot of new possibilities!

Yehonathan Sharvit15:07:56

What kind of possibilities @U0132EKGZFB?

Jason M Jones15:07:39

Thanks for asking @U0L91U7A8. Well, for one, the possibilities of changes without so much maintenance, and even the possibility to change some code at all (which becomes very challenging when you have objects and fields at multiple layers). I have been exploring Clojure, and was drawn by its simplicity and the philosophy of having a few data structures, and many functions to operate on those, instead of the inverse with objects. It occurred to me that since most of our data comes in, receives some transformation, is stored in another format, what is the point of having all these intermediate objects with all these fields, they are a huge burden. With Clojure, it is so much easier to work with the more generic data and transform it. Your book was a great bridge between Clojure, which I see as ideal for this, and the multitude of languages our software is written in, which will not be able to be ported to Clojure soon, if ever. Your book put much more definition to my intuitions, and much more defined concepts. , I can start slowly incorporating the ideas of Data Oriented Programming, and with new projects begin with it. So thank you for sharing all of this. I plan to share your book with my team members and other software engineers. I hope that the industry will see the value of your thoughts, and start to incorporate them more, I know I will be.

Yehonathan Sharvit15:07:01

Wow! I’m so glad you enjoy the book both from an intellectual and a pragmatic perspective.

Jason M Jones15:07:54

I certainly did!


Just Released version 0.2.0 of the conductor-sdk. Some interesting features of this version: - 100% Written in Clojure. No mora java inter-op - Compatible with GraalVM you can create workers that don't require the JVM - Contains Utils to treat Conductor Tree structures as data map/filter workflow tasks. Netflix Conductor is an open source workflow orchestration platform. Used by top companies to simplify microservice integrations, and connect your Clojure microservices together (even to services written in other languages). Learn more about Conductor We have built the Clojure SDK to make it easy to integrate your Clojure microservices into Conductor, and create workflows and tasks as code. Try Conductor at

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