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Folks, someone sent me this: And it does not support A LOT of JS syntax. Do you know if anyone wrote a better version for it? I'm quite inclined of writing one myself πŸ˜„


Does anyone know on windows how to list just file names in a directory, and pipe those names to a file, one file per line. I've tried via PS PS> Get-ChildItem -name > tosign.txt And

PS> Get-ChildItem -name | Out-File tosign.txt
My problem is tosign.txt always has itself in the list of files. I don't want it to include itself. I assume PS is creating the file before listing the files and that's what it includes itself.


Got it

Get-ChildItem -name -Exclude tosign.txt | Out-File tosign.txt


@qmstuart you could try babashka next time :)

bb -e '(spit "tosign.txt" (str/join \newline (fs/list-dir ".")))' 

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@U04V15CAJ this is the #other-languages channel. you can't suggest clojure here πŸ˜†

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