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I’ve had the opposite experience. I’m much more comfortable writing Kotlin than Clojure. Although clojure is fun to write, I find myself needing types as the project grows and Kotlin provides a good balance imho. The only thing that bugs me about Kotlin is how starry eyed most kotlin users are currently. But tbf, that seems to be the case with most new communities.


I'd definitely reach for Kotlin immediately if I had to touch anything Android-related.


yeah, that is where they are having the largest adoption


it also allows android FP enthusiasts to finally use some of those concepts in their apps


@roberto I’m not sure I’m much more comfortable writing Kotlin than Clojure, but I’m not much more comfortable writing Clojure than Kotlin either - I’d put them about the same, and I think they have different strengths. Certainly when doing a lot of Java interop (e.g. Swing or similar) Kotlin is really nice.


What I like about Kotlin that I miss when I’m using Clojure, is the ability to use helpful ADTs that will make impossible states, impossible.


Typical example is using some code that makes a call to an external API that may fail, I rather the code that I’m using to do that, tell me explicitly that it may happen and force me to think of the failure cases. With clojure , the compiler doesn’t tell me that. The last clojure project I worked on, I wished I had that in many places.