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Hello guys! This is the first time i tried making google closure externs and using them with :advanced compilation. My extern javascript file has a constructor called CrossStorageClient with some prototype functions. My ext.js looks like this: var CrossStorageClient = { "_generateUUID": function () {}, "_getOrigin": function () {}, }; CrossStorageClient.prototype = { "clear": function () {}, "close": function () {}, ... etc I achieved that now closure doesnt rename any functions in my extern js in advanced mode, I can def (def storage (new js/CrossStorageClient "http://...")) but then if i tries to call (.close storage) closure renames storage and .close too Sorry as i said im pretty noob to the closure compiler. What is the point here? any help is appreciated my fellow Clojurians!


you say that closure doesn’t rename functions, but it does rename the .close?