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@cfleming yesterday I was having some issues with a project that was apparently "syncing" forever. I was confused because the CPU usage was low, but it was taking about 5 min to sync the project (and I just had restarted my machine). After a while I realise the problem was that I wasn't connected to the work VPN, which was required to check the dependencies, and that was making my editor hanging for a long time, although I didn't need to check the dependencies on that time. So I wonder if we can make this syncing cancelable, I imagine I can be on situations where I have no way to access that, and it takes a fair time preventing me from work during it, if we could cancel the sync process that could be a non-issue. is that feasible?


or maybe just cancel anything that is related to remote fetching, making it use just whatever local dependencies we already got


like -o in maven


id like something like that aswell


in fact since our stuff uses maven maybe i can...hmm..


The Cursive doc in the section “Test Integration” says “You can run the tests by starting a REPL and then using Tools→REPL→Run tests in current NS in REPL”. I am not seeing that menu path (no REPL under Tools). Am I doing sth stupid? This is a project developed with .cljc files, if that matters (and I will be happy to just run the clojure.test variants).


@hiskennyness think it only shows up when you have a REPL running?

Joe R. Smith22:10:18

any news on parinfer v3 support? 🙂


@hiskennyness Yes, @danielcompton is right - that menu only appears when you have a REPL running.


@solussd No 😞. Seems like Shaun is still busy, I’ll ping him and see what’s up.

Joe R. Smith22:10:01

cool, thanks for the update


@danielcompton Thx. I quoted “…by starting a REPL and then…“, I just did not read it. <sigh>